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Mounting locations

FinMan should be mounted opposite to your line, on top for spinning rods, and on bottom for casting rods. Recommended locations include just in front of the fore grip, just behind the first line guide, or behind the reel on split grip rods.


Select a pair of bands that best fit your rod. FinMan should be a snug fit.

Select FinMan’s placement on you rod. See above guidelines.

Place one band fully into the front band channel. Place FinMan on your rod and wrap the
band under the rod to the tip of the channel on the other side. Roll the band all the way into the channel. Repeat for the rear
attachment band.


Anchoring your rod with one hand, between your legs, on your lap, or in a rod holder; hold both sides of the line tight. Pop down past the line guard and slide along the bottom to that J-hook blade.

The right tool at the right time for the right job

Whether you are using mono, fluoro, or braid

FinMan has you covered.

Snip tag ends

Trimming tag ends is easy with FinMan’s flat blade and thumb depressable nipper. Pop the line past the line guard, align with blade, and press down on FinMan’s head.

For braid, press down on FinMan’s head and pull the hook toward you for a clean cut that’s ready to thread into your next jig.

Snipping knots and clearing jig eyelets

Snip directly over a knot to clear eyelets and prepare for your next jig. Press down on FinMan's head and pull hook toward you.
To keep a sharp blade, use caution while snipping knots, keeping the eyelet away from the blade.


FinMan’s tail is a dependable place to stow your hook. With a little slack in the line, hook into the tail and then reel until the line is tight.

Cinch Knots tight

FinMan’s eye can also be used as a place to anchor your hook while you cinch your knots tight.