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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is the FinMan to install and can it be taken off and swapped onto other setups?

FinMan is easy to install thanks to its double attachment band design, as shown in the Use Guide. Once you secure one band, the second is simple. Additionally, your FinMan can be removed easily by using the hook on your lure as a crochet hook, sliding it under the bands and pulling upward, which will allow you to switch the device between multiple setups and pieces of gear.

What size rods is the FinMan designed to fit?

Thanks to innovative engineering, FinMan will fit rods with diameters from ¼ inch (such as a panfish rod) up to ¾ inch (such as bass or heavy trolling rods). Each FinMan comes with three sets of attachment bands (small, medium and large) to give the user flexibility to attach FinMan to different size rods. FinMan can be transferred between different rods by removing the attachment bands and reattaching them.

How long will the attachment bands last?

Due to the importance of FinMan’s attachment to your rod, be assured that we have sourced the highest quality bands that are specially formulated to withstand continuous outdoor exposure. You can expect years of use without seeing degradation.

Can I purchase additional attachment bands if I lose mine?

Yes, we sell a pack of three sets of attachment bands (one set each of small, medium and large). See Replacement Bands to place an order. 

Are the blades replaceable?

No, the FinMan blades are not replaceable. However, all of our blades are hardened, tempered and coated to ensure that the user will be able to cut their line many times without noticed dulling.

Can FinMan be used on fly rods?

We usually do no recommend FinMan for a fly fishing setup due to the nature of the fly line and casting technique, creating the possibility of line entanglement. However, we have many happy fly fishing users that love having FinMan on their rod.

I would like to purchase FinMan for a friend. Is FinMan only for experienced anglers?

One of the many advantages of FinMan is that despite the rigorous engineering that went into the design, it is just as useful and easy to use for brand new anglers as it is for experienced ones. It is simple to install and use, and having a FinMan on a rod eliminates many of the time-consuming and frustrating elements of fishing that so many anglers experience. 

I would like to stock FinMan in my store or sell it on my website. Do you sell to retail stores and wholesalers?

We are currently working with retail shops in the United States and would love to dicuss that option with you. Contact Us

We do not have wholesaler program set up at this time. However, please Contact Us for further discussion.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We are working on an affiliate program and would love to work with you. Please Contact Us

Where is your product made?

FinMan is manufactured and assembled in the United States. Manufacturing, sharpening, coating and assembly are all done near Wichita, Kansas.

Will you ship your product outside of the United States?

Yes, we ship around the world. See shipping options on the checkout page.