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Our story

In 2017, founder Gage Cutler started his inland lake fishing charter service in northwest Michigan (Cutler’s Catch, LLC) at the age of 18, the minimum legal age to apply for a captain's license. After three years of successfully running the business and guiding hundreds of clients, Gage realized there had to be a more efficient way to keep people fishing and reduce the time it took to re-rig, ultimately getting customers back to what they loved to do - fish.

This customer centric-experience stressed the importance of a product that did not interfere with the act of fishing, yet offered anglers an all-in-one line management solution. Something that was an extension of and complement to existing gear - and that never got left behind. This belief has stayed central to the design from the beginning, and is a primary motivator for our team to design the best products possible for our customers.

In 2019, we founded FinMan Fishing Innovations with one simple mission: build the fishing tool we’d use every day if it existed - your wingman on the water. One that was built for the serious angler venturing into remote and unpredictable water. One that could take the elemental abuse we knew we’d put it through out on the lakes, rivers, and streams we enjoy. One who’s quality, innovation, and craftsmanship was unprecedented. One that said yes to American manufacturing, and no to shortcuts, because that's how it should be. One that could go anywhere and do anything.

We decided early on that product innovation would come from necessity and first-hand experience - not from spreadsheets and data analysis. After countless prototypes and design iterations, we began sourcing the highest quality materials as well as collaborating with cutting edge manufacturers throughout the United States, eventually going into production. Producing domestically was a natural decision for FinMan. Made in the U.S.A - or not made at all.

Today, FinMan products are engineered with exacting tolerances and hair-splitting accuracy to perform when it matters most - whether that is an excursion into the Great Lakes region, pitching for bass in the Florida Everglades, or simply getting together with friends at your favorite lake. Wherever fish lead you, our mission is unwavering. Fish More - Rig Less

Meet the FinMan team

Meet Gage

I'm an avid fisherman who grew up in northwest Michigan, where at 18, I acquired my Captain's License and started my own successful fishing charter service. After three years of guiding hundreds of clients I saw a need for anglers to change tackle faster and re-rig to something that the fish are biting NOW. I know you'll love your FinMan®, it will become your Wingman on the Water.

Meet Mark

I'm an experienced manufacturing and automation engineer. My passion is building quality products people love to use, right here in the United States. I've spent my entire career designing and building American machines and products. I'm also a dad who loves to fish with my three young boys, but unfortunately I spent most of my time changing hooks, untangling line and dodging backcasts. I've reclaimed some of my fishing time thanks to FinMan®, and I'm excited for you to do the same.

Meet Randy

I am a senior engineer and product designer who has spent my career dedicated to both form and function. I am an artist and lifelong fisherman. When Gage came to me with the idea of FinMan® I thought it was brilliant and knew it had to be designed right. As an avid fisherman, if FinMan got in the way or accidentally cut my line, I would toss it in the garbage and never look back. I take pride in everything I design, and I make sure FinMan works as great as it looks.

American Manufacturing

FinMan is 100% made in U.S.A, because America is worth investing in

Our Approach

At FinMan Fishing, we believe that to create great products, we have to design and manufacture to a higher standard. Our goal was to create a product that embraces aesthetic design and provides functionality in ways that have not been imagined. We have pushed the limits of manufacturability and discovered new ways to improve fishing experiences. We have sourced the best materials available. Of course, none of this has been easy. It takes time and patience to deliver something exceptional. That's why we've spent the last two years refining our design where we began - on the water.

Born out of on-the-water experience